Our Values


Learning. Listening. Practicing.

How can we, as individuals and as brands, advocate for a better tomorrow? We believe that companies have an obligation to transparently voice their values. Here are some of ours. We are determined to develop these as we grow, and to continue to learn, improve, and do better. 


Each and every piece at Emma Brooke Jewelry is designed and crafted by us using both traditional and modern metalsmithing methods. We are frustrated by examples of cultural appropriation in the jewelry world, and of brands falsely marketing mass-made and machined goods as “handmade.”

We create objects that last. You will not find us cutting corners with rings so thin they bend immediately, or plated jewelry that looks gorgeous until you’ve worn it twice. We hand select durable, quality materials, and try to share a bit of our behind-the-scenes reality as we can through our social media.


We'll be the first to say, it's not perfect yet. The jewelry industry is problematically non-transparent, often making it very difficult to trace gemstones and materials from mine to finished piece.

We are proud to support trusted suppliers who are leaders in ethical gem and diamond sourcing, and building up the communities that rely on mining as a livelihood. With other suppliers, we are committed to pushing conversations on sourcing, and advocating for transparency. We are committed to ongoing education and bettering of our own practices and purchases, and to doing our very best with the information we can uncover to support ethical supply chains.

We source 100% FSC-certified recycled metals, and often work with reclaimed diamonds. You can read more about this decision on our blog. 


With a background in Biology, and a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest, sustainability is a core value in my life and my business. I am always looking to learn how to run our studio more sustainably. From sourcing more eco-friendly chemicals and supplies, to properly recycling our studio waste, to choosing our packaging, there's always new room to improve. Blog post coming soon on our favorite sustainability tips for jewelers.


Jewelry is for everyone. As a note (but not an excuse), being mainly a one-woman show means that many of our modeled jewelry photographs feature my own neck or hand, which might not look like yours. We are committed to promoting diversity in our own content, and to supporting diverse models, creatives, and collaborators as we grow. We aim to provide size inclusive and non-gendered options for our designs, and to create content that helps all consumers feel represented in the media we share. 

Love is love, and we fully support the LGBTQIA community. We commit to adding more representation of all partners in love, and using inclusive language in our media.



As a woman-led business, we strive to uplift women's rights and celebrate women doing amazing work. We aim to use our purchasing power to support supply chains that build up women around the world. 

As we grow, we are looking into ways to structure in financial support for organizations supporting women's rights. In our communities and collaborations, we are committed to celebrating and lifting up the amazing women around us.