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Creating bespoke jewelry together with you is one of my favorite parts of my work as a jeweler. I cherish each of your stories, and the opportunity to create a piece that reflects your love.

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what to expect when designing custom jewelry

Custom-curious? Let's talk. Whether it's a napkin sketch, a piece they love, or just an idea, we'll gather all your inspirations in one place. We'll cover the basics - colors, materials, styles, budget - but the perfect ring is made of your unique stories too.
What's their style? How did you meet? Do they play with their hands when they talk? What are their hobbies? What words describe them? What are they like when they walk in a room?⁠
With our inspiration on the table, the designing begins. I'll start with a range of design options, and together we can pick out the elements that stand out as the best match. From there, we’ll share sketches, quotes, and models as we finalize our perfect design. ⁠You'll have all the time you need to ask any questions and feel confident approving your very own engagement ring.

Time to plan that proposal. ⁠They’re going to love it. ⁠